Developing a range of products to modify the human
microbiome and bring specific health benefits

OptiBiotix Technology Platforms

OptiBiotix's focus is on a range of technology solutions to modulate the human microbiome

Three initial product/technology platforms with strong progress and commercial momentum in each area and a number of diversification options and strategies:

SlimBiome® : Weight Management

  • A product scientifically formulated to support weight loss by reducing food cravings and food intake


  • High throughput pharmaceutical screening platform to identify microbial metabolic pathways which interact with human pathways to improve health

OptiBiotics®: Prebiotics

  • A high throughput screening and development platform which creates sugars as:-
    • Microbiome modulators
    • Optibiotics® (in combination with a probiotic)
    • Sweetbiotix® - healthy sweet fibres

A proprietary high throughput screening & optimisation technology platform designed to identify microbes with metabolic pathways with can interact with human physiological processes and bring health benefits

A proprietary technology which generates novel compounds (prebiotics) & screens them for their ability to modulate the human microbiome.


Microbe with specific health benefit (e.g. cholesterol reduction)

Compounds which selectively enhances the growth and activity of a specific microbial target (e.g. genera/species)


OptiBiotics ®
Combination of a targeted microbe and compounds (prebiotics) which selectively enhances the growth of the microbe and accentuates its functional properties and health benefits


Designer prebiotics specific for a microbial target (genera/species) associated with a health benefit. Ability to be used individually to modulate the microbiome or in combination with a probiotic to enhance the health benefit

These technology platforms create multiple product and partnering opportunities both within each platform, and by combining platforms. For example, by combining the sugars produced by our OptiBiotix® platform with the microbes identified in our Optiscreen® platform, we can create a new product concept, called an OptiBiotic®. This means that for a limited amount of extra cost we can potentially create large amounts of additional value. This approach provides a cost effective way to exploit the many opportunities offered by the microbiome.

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