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microbiome and bring specific health benefits

SlimBiome® - supporting hunger-free weight management

Slimbiome® is OptiBiotix's patented combination of natural ingredients, identified and developed by leading experts in nutrition and metabolism, which supports scientifically substantiated weight loss claims. In independent tests the component ingredients have shown reductions in calorie intake of up to 20% along with reduced levels of cravings. SlimBiome won the award for the 'Best Functional Ingredient for Health and Well Being' at Food Matters 2017.

SlimBiome®'s exclusive blend of scientifically substantiated ingredients has been demonstrated to contribute to the reduction of body weight and aid the sustainability of weight loss by providing a healthy, hunger-free weight management system.

Modifying the activity of the human microbiome, the product helps accelerate weight loss while maintaining blood sugar levels helping to lessen food cravings and inducing a lower blood glucose rise after meals, compared to sugar-containing food and drinks.

Stimulating the growth of natural, beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract to affect regulation of appetite, SlimBiome® helps to create a longer-lasting feeling of fullness, while the chromium content enhances the body's use of insulin, helping to metabolise carbohydrate and fat.

SlimBiome® Application

SlimBiome® is suitable for a wide range of functional food applications, including dairy and breaded products, snack bars and meal replacement shakes. SlimBiome® is heat stable in processing, low cost, has no distinguishable taste and can be easily added during manufacture.

Case Study

OptiBiotix has successfully launched SlimBiome® ingredients in the GoFigure® range of meal replacement shakes and natural snack bars, through its majority owned subsidiary, The Healthy Weight Loss Company. Customer feedback has shown:

  • 100% of customers who used the products over a continued period lost weight (average 1.2kg weight loss per week)
  • 100% of customers reported that using GoFigure® products led them to reduce food intake (typically by eating smaller food portions)
  • 93% of customers reported that using GoFigure products had led to reduced snacking
  • 83% of customers reported they felt less hungry when using the product

SlimBiome® Manufacture and Supply

In November 2017, OptioBiotix announced that it has entered into a manufacturing and supply agreement with specialist producer of high-quality functional powdered products, Knighton Foods. Knighton has an exclusive licence to manufacture and supply SlimBiome® weight management technology in the United Kingdom.

Knighton's portfolio includes a wide range of products for use in the retail, vending and ingredients sectors. The company's functional powdered foods, specialist ingredients and finished products are supplied to major supermarkets, high-street coffee houses and best-known household brands throughout the UK.

OptioBiotix's partnership with Knighton will allow the two businesses to meet the requirements of major retailers across the UK.

Why choose SlimBiome®?

OptiBiotix believes its SlimBiome® ingredients provide a completely new approach to weight loss helping customers to manage their weight loss by reducing food intake without food cravings. This contrasts with existing alternative products which often lack a strong scientific rationale and typically rely on customers' self-control to restrict calories and as a consequence have a high failure rate.

OptiBiotix is working with a number of partners to develop a wider range of products across a greater range of application areas containing this unique formulation to support wider consumer choice.

For further reading download our SlimBiome® Leaflet or, for more information, today.


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